SPARK Universal Silencer with Cat Pipe for M821 / M1200 - TITAN!

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Product information "SPARK Universal Silencer with Cat Pipe for M821 / M1200 - TITAN!"

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The Spark Titan universal muffler G00SI08T with the Titan cat-replacement tube GDU0832R together make an unforgettable sound experience - this is unfortunately not legal but if you are a rebel, you don't care anyway. The combination weighs only 850g.

You could use a dB-Eater in the universal muffler to reduce the volume a bit.

Whether the exhaust matches the original screw points of the monsters cannot be guaranteed, because it is a universal muffler and we have not tested the combination like this. You may have to make your own mounting plate.

The cat replacement tube has an outer diameter of 60mm and an inner diameter of 58mm. The exhaust is also perfect for trade fair bikes or exhibits - due to the very compact look it fits seamlessly into almost any design. Maybe you live in an area where it is no problem to drive around with such an exhaust.