SPARK Manifold Multistrada 1100 GDU8509

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  • GDU8509/19010071
  • 3 kg
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Product information "SPARK Manifold Multistrada 1100 GDU8509"

Packaging may have been opened and small scratches may be present!
If the condition of the item is worse, it will be described in more detail below! Only while stocks last!

New unused item, but the packaging has been opened!

Removing the existing catalytic converter is of course not legal!

With just about 1500g, the part weighs considerably less and provides more sound and good power delivery.

Of course, a socket is provided for tuning work by probe.

The manifold consists of 4 parts, making assembly very easy. The pipes are delivered highly polished.

It is also possible to install the optionally available support for the main stand. This means that you can still use the manifold even if you want to retrofit a main stand.

Picture shows the 1000er Version.

Multistrada 1100 mehr
Multistrada 1100
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