SPARK M1100 Evo LowMount

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  • GDU0828COM
  • 8 kg
Optionally in: Carbon / Titanium / Black Edition / Polished Stainless Steel.... more
Product information "SPARK M1100 Evo LowMount"
  • Optionally in: Carbon / Titanium / Black Edition / Polished Stainless Steel.
  • Very good sound & removable dB-Eater.
  • EC-BE for the M1100 Evo Incl. E-tested catalytic converters (mandatory for approval).
  • Cover:  10/11 x 22.5cm each (slightly conical).
  • Incl. Heat Protectors in the area of the catalytic converters.
  • Weight : Titanium 4.8 kg / Carbon 4.95 kg / BlackEdition 5.3 kg / Stainless steel 5.3 kg (Original 5.9 kg)

SPARK M1100 EVO LowMount

This system is supplied with a 100% correct EC type approval.
In order to obtain EC approval, it is necessary to install catalytic converters and have them approved for all current models. Two high-power catalytic converters are installed in the SPARK, the effect and permissibility of which have been confirmed by E-number.

Especially with carbon silencers in combination with dB-Eaters or catalytic converters, various manufacturers have problems with burnt-out casings. This problem does not exist with the SPARK!

There are 4 different versions of the damper covers available: Carbon, Titanium, Black-Edition and Polished stainless steel. All other parts of the system are always made of brushed stainless steel.


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