SPARK M1100 Evo HighMount - DESMOWORLD Edition

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  • GDU0829IOM-oK
  • 8 kg
ATTENTION: We are not aware of any accessory license plate holder that fits between the... more
Product information "SPARK M1100 Evo HighMount - DESMOWORLD Edition"

ATTENTION: We are not aware of any accessory license plate holder that fits between the mufflers. If you do not have a license plate holder mounted, for example, on the rear wheel, we strongly recommend to order the license plate holder with! The pipes are really very close together!

  • Round muffler optional: Carbon/Titanium/Black Edition/Stainless steel polished.
  • Good sound & removable dB-Eater.
  • EC-BE for the M1100 Evo incl. e-tested catalysts (mandatory for approval).
  • Covers: 10 x 25cm each.
  • Incl. partial manifold system.
  • Incl. DESMOWORLD rear conversion and e-tested license plate lighting (plug ready).
  • Incl. all required materials and brackets (Super stable and easy to assemble).
  • Incl. 4-page illustrated assembly instructions.
  • Damper weights: titanium 1,38kg+1,38kg; carbon 1,59kg+1,59kg; stainless steel 1,60kg+1,60kg; BlackEdition 1,62kg+1,62kg.
  • Weight manifold + cat + mounting hardware: 2.79kg : 2.79kg.
  • Total weight without license plate holder/boot protector: titanium 5.56kg; carbon 5.97kg; stainless 6.0kg; BlackEdition 6.03kg. (Original 5.9kg)

** Please note: Only aftermarket turn signals can be mounted on the license plate holder! The original turn signals would be too big in the position under the mufflers!

SPARK M1100 EVO HighMount in the DESMOWORLD Edition (incl. rear conversion).

We are happy to realize another cooperation project between SPARK and DESMOWORLD. With the SPARK M1100 EVO HighMount, our goal was to give the Monster Evo a sporty, symmetrical line and to show off the beautiful single-sided swingarm and rim.

As usual with Spark, this system also comes with a 100% correct EC type approval.
To get the EC approval, it is necessary to install catalytic converters and have them approved for all current models. Two high-performance catalytic converters are installed in the SPARK, the effect and permissibility of which have been confirmed by E-number.

Especially with carbon mufflers in combination with dB-Eaters or catalytic converters, there are problems with burned-out housings with various manufacturers. This problem does not exist with the SPARK!

The mufflers were placed as high and narrow as possible, and the pillion seat was of course retained. All parts necessary for the assembly are included.

The DESMOWORLD Edition comes complete with adjustable DESMOWORLD rear conversion , ready to connect LED license plate lighting **.

Our rear conversion can be adjusted in both the angle and height of the license plate.
Also the turn signal holders can be moved by 1 cm inward / outward **.

The rear conversion is completely made of stainless steel, absolutely stable. Powder coated in black.

There are 4 different versions of the shock covers available: carbon, titanium, black edition and polished stainless steel. All other parts of the system are always made of brushed stainless steel.


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