Ducati Streetfighter V4 clutch cover conversion kit

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Version pressureplate:


  • DW.KDUS-No.1-N1B-mD
  • 2,5 kg
The conversion must be carried out by an authorized workshop according to Ducati's... more
Product information "Ducati Streetfighter V4 clutch cover conversion kit"

The conversion must be carried out by an authorized workshop according to Ducati's specifications.
In the set is according to our current state, everything included that is needed for the conversion. (information without guarantee)

The set consists mainly of original Ducati parts. If you do the conversion in the workshop anyway or you have already modified the case, you can order the Desmoworld parts separately.

The link to the clutch covers:   Version No.1 (long spokes) - CLICK ME     Version No.2 (short spokes) - CLICK ME
The link to the pressure plates: Version No.1 (long spokes) - CLICK ME     Version No.2 (short spokes) - CLICK ME
Original screws with black powdered head: CLICK ME

Included in the set:

1x original Ducati clutch housing
24x original Ducati screw for the clutch housing/clutch cover
1x original Ducati sealing ring for clutch cover
2x original Ducati seal for the oil pressure sensor made of copper
1x original Ducati liquid sealing compound 942470036 (optional)
1x Desmoworld clutch cover - version No1 or No2 - in black anodized
1x Desmoworld pressure plate - version No.1 or No.2 -  the spring plates are black anodized

The illustrated clutch core is NOT included in the scope of delivery but serves only as an illustration!